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Hiya! I'm Paige, aka 'the cake lady' as some of my littler clients call me. I've always been creative, it's where I can be fully me.

I always loved baking but found myself too busy when I went into education and started to pursue a career in Law. This is what brought me to Belfast. I studied for my Law Degree at Queen's and originally thought I had found what I was going to do. Ultimately, COVID hit and I had to finish my final year in lockdown, not so fun. I fell completely out of love with Law and in love again with baking. I vouched that once I graduated that I would actually start doing what I loved.

That's what created bakes by paige, a true passion project which comes through in every single bake. Each creation comes from the heart. My goal was to bring others joy through good food and show stopping creations. Creating bakes that are uniquely you

Self-taught, I have spent countless hours, late nights and early mornings learning and experimenting. I wouldn't have changed a moment. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey



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